I have a passion for hosting. Sounds lame, huh? But I do. I enjoy reading about hosting information, other hosts, servers etc. But if I didn't have the passion for hosting, I would have given up already. I don't believe in doing things half-way, which is why Three-Words is hosted on a dedicated server where I can delegate our resources better and also have WHMCS for better management. 

I’ve seen ‘fly-by-night’ hosts that appear and take all your money and hardwork and poof like magic. Or those hosts with unpredictable servers that leave you wondering whether or not your website will be up today and leave you frustrated by not being able to update your site when inspiration hits.

My goal is simple. To offer what these hosts lacked. I care about your websites; your success is my success. While I can’t guarantee those amazing 24/7 technical support, ‘unlimited space and bandwidth’ etc, I can guarantee that I try my hardest when it comes to your website.

I started Three-Words with the intention to offer quality free hosting. I don't view Three-Words as a business so therefore I won't treat you like a client. That doesn't mean I'd be talking all 'yo, you, wat's up bro?' to you (oh yes I cringed while typing that). It's just I don't believe that you're just a number. Here, you're consider as a friend. And if your friend speaks like 'yo, you, wat's up bro?' then just consider me as a friend who has better grammar :)